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SHB Wealth are your local Financial Planning Specialists !

SHB Wealth is a local financial planning advisory firm specialising in providing clients strategic and tactical financial advice in the areas listed below.

SHB Wealth Services

Aged Care Planning

We understand that you will be making a very difficult decision about where you or your family member will be living once they require residential aged care. Our aim is to help you understand the Aged Care system and provide you with options so that you can make better informed decisions about the financial aspects of this major change.

We can help you manage the costs of Aged Care by devising strategies that ensure that you receive the maximum amount of income possible whilst minimising the cost of care.

To assist we will look at:
• How to fund the accommodation payment.
• How to minimise care fees.
• How you deal with the family home.
• How to ensure that you receive as much Age Pension as possible.
• How to ensure that your estate is preserved.

Our advisers are experienced and accredited specialists who understand both the Centrelink and Aged Care rules. We can work with you to create a financial plan that ensures that you or your family member will be able to receive the best possible care.

Retirement Planning

At SHB Wealth Advisers, we help you retire with confidence. We have expertise in helping you prepare to leave the workforce and enter the next chapter of your life. Some of the questions pre-retirees might have;

• How much will I need in retirement?
• Am I saving enough?
• When can I retire?
• When should I begin taking Age Pension?
• How much should I have in income producing investments?
• Will we need to make adjustments to our standard of living?
• How do I tap equity in my home if I need to?
• How do we protect and transfer our estate?
• How can we create a family legacy?

Through our thorough advice, we’ll create a detailed financial plan that will give you a road map to retirement … and beyond. Additionally, we’ll create an Investment Plan and manage your investments to combat the three biggest threats to a long and enjoyable retirement:

• Longevity Risk – The risk of running out of money before you run out of life.
• Inflationary Risk – Increasing your income annually to keep pace with the rising cost of health care and other expenses is critical.
• Investment Risk – Determining the investment mix that is just right for you so you can sleep at night is one of the most important parts of retirement planning. Too much market risk and you may sell out of your portfolio during bad times, and too little market risk you may run out of money during retirement or not have enough income to pay for your desired lifestyle.

Personal Insurance

SHB Wealth Advisers analyse your insurance requirements as well as cashflow so you can continue to fund your lifestyle while implementing the right cover for you inside and outside of superannuation with the right providers.
In doing so, SHB Wealth Advisers can help you and your family by:

• Structuring a comprehensive insurance structure to maximise tax effectiveness and incorporate your cashflow requirements.
• Recommending the most appropriate and affordable insurance policies from top rating insurance providers.
• Where possible, working with you to arrange insurance cover allowing for any existing medical conditions or less common employment arrangements.
• Structuring ‘whole-of family’ insurance solutions within your SMSF to protect each generation – from young adults starting work, to young families, through to retirees.


Superannuation will perhaps be your biggest asset for retirement; even bigger than your family home. That is why it is important you get expert advice to help you maximise your investment return whilst minimising fees. SHB Wealth Advisers will show you how much you need in retirement, guide you to make sound investments choices and ultimately help you achieve your retirement goals.

Wealth Accumulation

At SHB Wealth Advisers, our wealth accumulation strategies have one purpose, which is to make money for our clients in a timely and tax-effective manner. We work on the principle of individually managed accounts and this recognises that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to successful wealth accumulation. There is an optimal path for each situation. What is good and successful for your neighbour may not work for you.

Some of the more common wealth accumulation strategies we assist our clients in considering include:

Answering the age old question; Property vs. Shares – which is the best option for me?

• Personal budgeting and household cashflow management;
• Salary packaging and tax management issues;
• Regular savings programs;
• Borrowing to invest – Margin lending, utilising equity in your home and or investment property acquisition;
• Existing asset restructuring to create greater wealth;
• Superannuation and SMSF asset accumulation strategies, including borrowing in an SMSF.


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